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Ammonia Market discussion

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Greg Stace


A discussion about the Ammonia Market through an online meeting.

It included 2 audios. Each audio was approximately an hour and a half.

The transcriptions were done in Clean Verbatim without Time stamping and tags. A different color was used to identify different speakers.

The language used for transcribing was English, and the audios were very clear without much background noise.

The transcriptions were divided into two sessions—session 1 and Session 2.


Transcription Transcriber Transcript Transcriptionist Audio transcription English transcription

Monika was very diligent, polite and extremely customer orie...
Thu Jun 02 2022
Monika was very diligent, polite and extremely customer oriented. I think Monika will go far with that attitude and willingness to deliver.
Transcript Diligent Fast Excellent High Quality Thinks outside the box