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Website design for College. For old and new students

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Amjid Hussain

My client has made this website to collect data of old students and new students.

This website has more than 10 pages.

Home page, admission, Register, login, Blog, Contact Us, About Us, etc.

When a user registers in this website, its verification link goes to the admin and if the admin verifies it, then he can login again, without the permission of the admin- user will not be able to login to this website.

I have made the admin panel of this website very easy so that admin can easily see and approve new users and can also post in this website.

If the admin needs any help related to this website, then he gets in touch with me. I provide him support for free.


Faisal Nawaz


Wordpress Contact form Register form Html and php Admin panel Free support

Satisfied. Recommended. Thanks
Wed Oct 12 2022
Satisfied. Recommended. Thanks