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MAVEN Color Coded Magnetic Photography Filters

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I have been a photography instructor and Youtuber for 14 years. I LOVE photography & felt frustrated using camera filters. Not only when I used them, but also when I didn't have a recommendation I felt good about for my students. I'm thrilled to finally have THE ultimate (Patent Pending) filter recommendation!  


I LOVE Photography, but I DO NOT LOVE Extra Steps! 

I credit those early filter frustrations. They led to the development of what I believe is the world's easiest-to-use filter system, the MAVEN MAGNETIC line!


Early 3D Printed MAVEN Ring...

He is easy to work with, he delivered outstanding service fo...
Thu Dec 29 2022
He is easy to work with, and he delivered outstanding service as he promised, I will highly recommend is services to everyone that he is willing to work with him he is the best 💖☑️✅ thanks one again ...