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Brian and Rae - Accident Support

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Hello everyone,

My name is Kellyn and I am starting this fundraiser to benefit my dear friends, Brian and Rae. Unfortunately, our friend Brian is facing a challenging time after being struck by a drunk driver while crossing the street early Saturday morning in downtown Chico. He is currently in the ICU, relying on a ventilator for support.

Brian has dedicatedly worked to become an electrical apprentice, but unfortunately is expected to be out of work for the next several months. The financial burden on him and his fiancé Rae is significant. Rae, who is devotedly caring for him, is also unable to work during this crucial time.

We are reaching out to our community, friends, and loved ones to lend a helping hand. The funds raised will go towards Brian's medical expenses, ongoing care, and support for Rae while she dedicates herself to his recovery.


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I had a great experience working with Mujtaba. He was very c
Sun Feb 04 2024
I had a great experience working with Mujtaba. He was very communicative and responsive from the word go.