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Social Media Cover Design


Christian Postiglione

For the project, I was tasked with creating engaging Facebook and LinkedIn cover designs tailored specifically for a real estate agent. I began by researching the agent's brand identity, target audience, and industry trends. Then, I utilized graphic design software to craft visually appealing covers that captured the essence of the agent's professionalism, expertise, and approachability. Incorporating key elements such as the agent's logo, contact information, and captivating imagery of properties, I ensured that the covers conveyed trustworthiness and competence to potential clients. Through iterative feedback loops with the agent, I refined the designs to perfection, balancing aesthetics with practicality for optimal impact. My involvement in this project was instrumental in its successful development, as the covers effectively enhanced the agent's online presence, attracting attention and fostering trust among prospective clients in the competitive real estate market.


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Social media cover design
Thu Feb 08 2024
Yeasin did a great job in creating my Business social media cover I would definitely recommend him. Very approachable and easy to deal with