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Rajib is a highly professional UI designer who is always willing to collaborate and ensure that the client's needs are met. His designs were creative, functional and always exceeded expectations. More importantly, he was a wonderful person to work with and would be a great addition to any team or project.

Tue Mar 21 2023

Sadbin is a highly skilled UI designer who always goes the extra mile to deliver the best possible outcome. His designs were innovative, user-friendly and demonstrated an excellent understanding of user behavior. More importantly, he's a great person, and a great addition to any team.

Tue Mar 21 2023

Great communication, he understood exactly what I was asking! Excellent work, I have worked with him multiple times and will cooperate again! Absolutely recommended!

Tue Mar 14 2023

I worked with Rajib in several projects. He's a guy eager to learn and I am sure he will be a great UX/UI design lead in the future.


It was best working with Rajib. He handled iOS and Android excellently. The design screen were top notch and as per eye catchy. This was my fourth project with him and he is as usual always stunning with all the designs. Smooth communication. Level of understanding is well smooth. Overall 10/10.


It's clear that Sadbin Walid Antu is a talented product designer who excels in his role as a UI UX designer. He was able to deliver amazing product designs, which is a testament to his creativity, attention to detail, and ability to understand user needs. One of the most notable aspects of Sadbin Walid Antu's work is his ability to take complex concepts and distill them into user-friendly interfaces. This is a crucial skill for a UI UX designer, as the user experience is paramount when it comes to product design. By making his designs intuitive and easy to use, Sadbin Walid Antu has ensured that users will have a positive experience with Impala Intech's products. In addition, it's clear that Sadbin Walid Antu is a hard worker who is dedicated to his craft. His work ethic and commitment to excellence are reflected in the high-quality designs he produces. His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond have undoubtedly contributed to the success of Impala Intech's products. Overall, I would highly recommend Sadbin Walid Antu as a UI UX designer. His skills and expertise are evident in the amazing product designs he has delivered, and his dedication to his work is truly impressive. Any company would be lucky to have him on their team.


Great communication and high quality UI/UX designer. Highly recommended!

Wed Mar 08 2023

Ilias has really good ideas. Design is clean, UI / UX well designed. Works really fast

Thu Mar 02 2023

Great guy to work with try him out he not disappoint you

Wed Mar 01 2023

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