About Us

Who are We?

GrabStar was founded in 2020 with the vision of helping remote workers around the world demonstrate their credibility and professionalism. We are a free platform for both freelancers and their clients, built with trust and transparency, inspiring remote collaboration.

In a world where remote work is becoming a norm, finding a true professional can get tiresome. GrabStar aims to help clients and freelancers know each other's performance and reliability before signing a deal together. 

We know the world is leaning more towards the idea of mobile working rather than having a fixed office space. So, our platform is made in a way to help freelancers build their business. 
From sharing projects to getting reviews to sending invoices, GrabStar is your first choice. 

Why GrabStar?

Get More Clients:
GrabStar is a platform for remote workers & freelancers to connect with clients. It is not merely a review platform, rather GrabStar allows freelancers to add their own profile and demonstrate their works. Clients searching for freelancers can visit the profiles, check the ratings, see your works and hire you.

GrabStar Invoice:
We added the invoice feature to save your time. You will get paid and a verified review at the same time, which will ensure more verified reviews for your profile. Later on, you can check all your invoice history to track your payment from the client.

Verified Review for Freelancers:
Every review written on GrabStar will be checked thoroughly. Any falsehood will be detected immediately and actions will be taken against it. So, you can trust our website reviews to be honest.

The business of freelancing has been around for a long time. It is here to stay! The closer the bond is between freelancers and clients, the better result will be achieved. GrabStar works on bringing the freelancing world together with professionalism and trust! 

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Email: [email protected]

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