Frequently asked questions

To rate a freelancer follow those steps: ☯︎ Create an account as a client to rate a freelancer ☯︎ Go to your search page: ☯︎ And search your freelancer name or if you get any invitation link from freelancers then click on this link. ☯︎ Rate your freelancer honestly and click on “PUBLISH REVIEW” That’s it! Rate your freelancers and help your community & business owner to stay safe from harmful & fake freelancers.

Invite your clients or the freelancers you have been working with to review you as a freelancer or a client by clicking the “ask for review” button on the review option of our profile.

Grabstar is created to help freelancers and clients administer a partnership based on trust. The reviews will help your clients see the experiences your previous clients had with you, and figure out whether they can trust you or not.

Yes, Rate and review a freelancer or a client without a Grabstar account by adding their name, company name, and other relevant information.

GrabStar is a platform for remote workers & freelancers to connect with clients. It is not merely a review platform, rather GrabStar allows freelancers to add their works to their profiles. Freelancers can send invoices and review requests to their clients. On the other hand, A client can hire top-rated freelance designers, web developers, app developers, marketers & others. Reviews and ratings will help clients to hire the best freelancer from GrabStar.

As a freelancer, you have to complete your profile and add at least one review and project to get hired. A client usually sees your ratings and project before hiring any freelancers.

We’ll let you know when it’s time for you to earn the "Identity Verified" badge by sending you an email when you’re eligible for getting a verified badge. And if you would like to get the verified badge, please check the requirements and apply for the badge if you’re eligible. 👉 Requirements to be Eligible for Profile Verify Badge ⚫️ Profile should be 100% complected ⚫️ You should have at last 3 reviews and 2 projects added with your reviews ⚫️ You should rated at last 1 client Check here for more information:

👉 Ways to Rate a Client who reviewed you: ☯︎ Login as a freelancer ☯︎ Go to your Profile ☯︎ Click on your “CLIENT NAME” who rated you ☯︎ Click on “WRITE A REVIEW” ☯︎ Rate your client honestly and click on “PUBLISH REVIEW”. 👉 Ways to Rate a New Client who hasn't reviewed you yet: ☯︎ Login as a freelancer ☯︎ Go to your search page: ☯︎ Scroll down and click on “ADD A NEW & RATE” ☯︎ Fill in the form and click “CONTINUE” ☯︎ Rate your client honestly and click on “PUBLISH REVIEW” That’s it!

You must have a client review on Grabstar to add a project. Make sure you only add the projects you worked on and got reviews for. STEPS TO ADD YOUR PROJECT TO YOUR REVIEW ⚈ Login to your account ⚈ Click on the review that you got ⚈ An "Add Project" button will appear below of your review ⚈ Simply click on "Add Project" and fill in your project details with Screenshots ⚈ Click on Save Changes and Enjoy! Your project will live and your profile ranking will be boosted on the GrabStar hiring page.