How it Works

GrabStar is a free freelance platform where clients and freelancers can work together in new ways. Freelancers can collect reviews from their existing clients and add projects as portfolios with reviews that were recently completed. Clients will see freelancers’ projects and can hire anyone directly. 

How does GrabStar Works For Freelancers: 

Find the right work for you, with great clients, at the world’s free freelance marketplace. Create a free freelancer account and complete your profile, Collect reviews and Add projects with your reviews and update your availability options from your profile to create a profile that stands out. 

To start:

Create your account:
Create a free freelancer account and complete your profile

Send review requests:
Send review request to your existing clients for collecting reviews, they will get email and rate you. 

Add project to your review:
After getting a review, you can add your projects alongside your review & ratings. Your projects will be verified by your clients and it will look like your portfolios. GrabStar gives you the freedom to get hired as you want. 

Get hired by clients:
Before hiring, GrabStar client will check freelancers profiles, reviews & ratings and projects what freelancers have done. 

Create Invoice:
You can create an invoice and send it to your clients along with a review request. They will be paid and share opinions. How did they enjoy working with you! 

How does GrabStar Works For Clients: 

Choose your way to get work done. 

Browse talent: 
Hire freelancers based on verified reviews. We manually review freelancers’ profiles and verify their profiles, so you won’t lose anymore.

Rate a Freelancer:
You can rate a freelancer based on your experience. If you worked with any freelancers you can share your opinions about how you enjoyed working with them and how they could be improved. 

Check Project/Portfolios: 
Before hiring, you can see work samples, existing client reviews, and identity verification. All of our freelancer’s profiles are reviewed manually.

Inquire a freelancer for hire: 
Send a message to any freelancer you are interested in hiring. You can connect with your preferred freelancers directly. 

Zero costs to hire freelancers:

Always know that you won’t pay any fees when you are hired from GrabStar. We are an open free freelance platform where clients and freelancers work together in new ways..