How to Rate a New Client on GrabStar ⭐️

A freelancer’s review plays an important role in how likely other freelancers will collaborate with a client in the future. While it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for freelancers to leave reviews for their clients.

Reviews should accurately reflect your experience of working with your clients. This properly sets the expectations of future freelancers with whom your client will be working.

Ways to Rate a New Client who hasn't reviewed you yet: 

  • Login as a freelancer
  • Go to your search page:  
  • Scroll down and click on β€œADD A NEW & RATE”
  • Fill in the form and click β€œCONTINUE”  
  • Rate your client honestly and click on β€œPUBLISH REVIEW”

That’s it!

If you get a review from your client then check it:  How to Rate Your Client on GrabStar

Rate your clients and help your community freelancers to stay safe from harmful & fake clients.