Md Wahidul Islam Murad Senior UI/UX Designer

I am thrilled to provide this 5-star feedback for the outsta

I am thrilled to provide this 5-star feedback for the outstanding work delivered by Wahidul Islam Murad Their expertise in various design domains has truly elevated our project. From the moment we engaged with them, it was evident that his skills extend across a wide spectrum, from website design to mobile app design, and everything in between. Murad demonstrated an unparalleled ability to craft user experiences that are not only visually stunning but also intuitive and user-friendly. The creation of user flows and wireframes were seamless, giving us a clear roadmap of the project’s progression. The clickable prototypes they developed using Figma brought our vision to life, allowing us to experience the design in an interactive way. his commitment to a human-centric UX strategy was evident at every step of the process. The audit of our web and mobile applications provided invaluable insights, leading to improvements that we hadn’t even considered. As an Art Director, he showcased his exceptional skill in curating aesthetics that align perfectly with our brand. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in designing our AI platform, nailing the balance between aesthetics and functionality. The style and colour guidelines they established continue to guide our design choices consistently. The landing page, web application, SaaS product design, and dashboard design showcased their versatility and deep understanding of diverse design requirements. Not to mention, his attention to detail in icon design and the development of our website was impeccable. The analytical dashboard design they executed provided us with a clear visual representation of complex data, making decision-making much easier. Creating a design system and library has empowered our team to maintain design coherence effortlessly. Murad’s expertise truly shone in this regard. In summary, working with Murad has been an exceptional journey. He hasn’t not only met our expectations but exceeded them in every way. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication to producing top-notch design work are commendable. We wholeheartedly recommend Wahidul Islam Murad to anyone seeking design services that encompass the full spectrum of creative excellence.

AI Website Design

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Date of completion: Sat Aug 19 2023


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